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Cleveland Automation Systems services a wide array of clients across many different industries in the manufacturing space. Our diverse experience allows us to bring today's best practices from many areas to every solution. 


Our engineers bring diverse experiences from the automotive industry. With extensive knowledge and application exposure, we can accomplish any automotive job requested.

Plastics & Molding

We have experience in every plastic molding industry - from injection to blow molding, if it involves plastic, we can assist you.

Food & Beverage

Cleveland Automation Systems offers an array of services in the Food & Beverage industry, from high speed bottling, canning and processing to odd and irregular shape processing.

Material Handling & Conveyance

We can convey nearly any type of material in any location. We specialize in custom conveyors and can handle your product quickly and efficiently.

Labeling & Packaging

Our team of engineers brings years of packaging, loading and material labeling expertise. We can design custom label application equipment to apply marking and labeling to your product. If it requires identification, our team has the knowledge.


Agriculture, cultivation and chemical sciences are rapidly growing industries that we support. Cleveland Automation Systems maintains constant presence in the growth, production and harvesting sectors and can support any application type from the agricultural industry.

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